Natural Wooden Black Beaded Bracelets used in Meditation or Prayer


  • unisex
  • natural wooden beads
  • three color combinations
  • friendship or yoga
  • perfect gift


For the Yoga MAN in Your Life



This perfect gift of natural wooden black beaded bracelets will be graciously received from you.  Worn as a single bracelet or combined with more than one this is full of masculine appeal.

If you are the gift giver you can know your gift will be graciously accepted and worn with pride.  You might even hit the ‘best most awesome gift giver’ list!!  See another version below with brown and white wooden beads used.

Trendy wooden black beaded bracelets for the Gentlemen


You can combine the two bracelets for effect or add even one more to change up the look.  We have many choices of the chakra bracelets and bangles that would look awesome combined with this as well.  With the prices so reasonable adding one more is easily done.










*****Please note that delivery options vary and especially with our free shipping offer so if you need your items quickly or like ASAP then you might want to consider upgrading your shipping to have it arrive in time.  That or order in plenty of time to receive it.







Additional information

Weight 0.03 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 cm


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