Natural Lava Stone Cuff Bracelets are Handmade with Love

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  • custom handmade
  • natural lava stones
  • wrap hippie style
  • cuff bracelet can be worn everyday
  • suitable for work or casual

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 Natural Lava Stone Cuff Bracelets to Love




You know when the bracelet you have chosen is handmade with care and love that you have a quality piece on your wrist.  I don’t think there is a machine that can make something as unique as what we have here today.  Our natural lava stone cuff bracelets are just that and maybe a tad more.

At that Vintage Style, it is important to have only items that are made with quality products and craftsmanship.  Yes, a machine can get them out really fast, but where are the love and care that needs to go into this?  You are right!  There isn’t any.

Don’t get me wrong I love how we have automation for so many things today.  If we didn’t we sure wouldn’t be where we are.  No, that part I love but I also love to to see things made from hand, with that energy that only comes from taking pride in what you are about to produce.

Mix and match, add or subtract.  You have all the power as you can see how easy it is to incorporate the natural lava stone cuff bracelets with single bangles & bracelets.









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Dimensions 15 × 15 × 10 cm


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