Stainless Steel Meat Tenderizers are Not all the same!

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  • eco-friendly
  • no fuss no muss
  • easy to use with no hammer style actions
  • anyone can use this style even with wrist problems
  • easy to clean with stainless steel and plastic

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Not All Meat Tenderizers Work the Same

meat tenderizers

You are looking for meat tenderizers that you can use with no fuss and no muss, be eco-friendly perhaps would also be a good thing.   You have mixtures in a powder or you can make your own recipe using spices and oils in your kitchen and soak your meat for a few hours before cooking or brush it just before you barbecue.   It all depends on you and your style of cooking and ease or less fuss in the kitchen.

Yes, you can find meat tenderizers at Walmart and other large box stores so why should you consider this one?  A few awesome features are:

  1. Eco-friendly
  2. Stainless steel and plastic
  3. easy to use with no hammering or long handles that require wrist action

meat tenderizers  meat tenderizers

Simple Easy No Fuss No Muss

We offer two choices for meat tenderizers in the store.  One that is like the stainless steel model you see above and then we have this seriously smaller version below.


easy to use are these style of meat tenderizers

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