Minimal Decor With White Indoor Ceramic Pots Work for Most Rooms

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3 Indoor Ceramic Pots and  Shelf

perfect little ladder shelf and indoor ceramic pots

Indoor Ceramic Pots Are Ideal As Gifts

When you love minimal and simple decorating these 3 indoor ceramic pots in white could be the perfect addition.  You can showcase them on the bamboo shelf that is included or as a stand-alone on a table or bookshelf.  Also perfect for any small room or office space that needs that little extra touch.

The sizes are relatively small but perfect for bonsai plants or cacti.     The pots range in size is 8.2*8.2*4.2 cm and the shelf is app. 31 cm high.  What is nice is that it comes as a set of 3 flower pots and one bamboo shelf.

I can think of numerous places something like this would fit perfectly.  Also a perfect gift as a housewarming or office gift.  You don’t always have to spend more than your budget allows when you are choosing the gift that suits the recipient so well.


best photo for sizing and measurements of indoor ceramic pots

Above is an example to give you a clearer understanding of the size of the indoor ceramic pots before purchasing.
Table Tops or Office Desks
a set of 3 white indoor ceramic pots

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Dimensions 20 × 20 × 20 cm


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