How to Marinate Chicken Breasts Using A Stainless Steel Marinade Injector

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How To Marinate Chicken Breasts, Roasts or Turkey



Are you tired of basting that Turkey or large roast for hours?   Would you like to know how to marinate chicken breasts as well, without the fuss and muss we are used to?   You want your food to be ‘taste’ perfect as well as being visually perfect and basting is one way to get the job done.  How would you like easy and something to make your life easier in the kitchen?

Stainless Steel Marinade Injector A Home Chef’s Dream

how to marinate chicken breasts

We have found a Marinade Injector that is stainless steel.  Look at that tidy cutting board!  So, what if you could inject your Turkey or Roast with a marinade sauce or make a butterball out of…well, yeah, not a butterball!   Or how to marinate chicken breasts…yes, the same way.

Look at this ↑awesome tool→ that probably belongs in every kitchen.  I know it belongs in mine.  Enough with stabbing the steaks with a fork and then hoping the marinade soaks in.  Or put all your spices & liquids in a bag, add your meat and hope it all gets coated evenly as you shake or let sit for a few hours.

Your Perfect solution has arrived!


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