Grind Your Coffee Every Morning Using A Vintage Manual Coffee Grinder

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  • Awesome housewarming gift
  • unique Xmas gift
  • Perfect for any Vintage lovers
  • this works and grinds your coffee beans

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A Vintage Brewing Machine Becomes New!

It’s brewing time but In order for you to really enjoy it to the last drop, you might first want to grind your coffee yourself.  A task that not everyone loves so before you do that, you will need to find the perfect grinder.  So, do you prefer manual or electric?  Where does your preference lie?  Would you like the opportunity to grind your coffee using a Vintage manual grinder like pictured below or would you prefer an electric model?

At first glance, I thought this was just an ornament to sit on a shelf.  But NO.  This perfect manual way to grind is not just for show & tell!  This is actually in working order.  YES, it really does work and it is not even difficult to manage.

When you grind your coffee are you like some that are about hitting that on/off switch?  I love combining old and new thinking in my home decor and this is the ideal piece to do double duty.  Do you have a dedicated space that needs a little something ‘more’?  I can guarantee this will look awesome in your kitchen.  You can even find some vintage tin signage for your coffee area right here at that vintage style.


This Vintage Manual Grinder is in full working order


  • Precise Ceramics Core Grinding
  • an adjustable rotating angle that ensures when you grind your coffee it will be balanced.
  • The high-quality wood, cast iron, and ceramics assure you of quality and durability.
  • A side handle design makes it easier to operate.
  • The drawer box design makes it easy to remove your ground coffee
  • Offers a dual purpose for Home Decoration
  • Non-slip base.

When Old is New & You Can Grind Your Coffee Easily

For anyone who loves to grind your coffee and take in the aroma of freshly ground coffee, you are going to love getting this as a gift.  A gift for any occasion.  Wedding season, housewarming or just because you can!  It not only is a striking conversation piece, it actually works like a charm.  Are you the person that loves to combine old and new or vintage style & retro feel?  I know I do so finding this and actually being able to grind

If you have always wanted to grind your coffee, here is a unique vintage grinder for you, that is actually brand new and with the updated design, it is actually easier to manage than other manual grinders.










Do You ever find yourself stopping or walking much slower in the coffee aisle of your local grocery store?  I know!  The aroma of the fresh coffee beans is heavenly to a coffee lover.  Imagine having that same heavenly aroma in your own kitchen every morning?

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