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Decorating Ideas Incorporating Old and New

Decor items that are perfect inside or out. A little Imagination is all you need…

Add Style to Old & New Decorating Ideas

What to do about that eclectic look you are after…the one you see but also the one you are not quite sure of.  Today our goal will be to help change that up just a bit for you.  New and Old decorating ideas are so much fun once you get past the thinking they can’t possibly be done together and look good.

The way we are trending once again…to where what was old is now new…those retro and vintage styles keep popping up.  Decorating ideas that work and can change up a room instantly with little effort.  There a couple of tips I want to share with you today to help you get past the “I’m feeling overwhelmed” stage.

There are several ways to go about this, especially if you are feeling a bit unsure of combining new with old or what colors to use or what is even ‘old’ or ‘retro’.  Baby steps in your decorating are all about one room at a time.

What Room Will You Pick

One Easy Room to start with could be right here.  Most kids room can go from colorful and fun to subtle with just a pop of old & new.  You can do this with color choices or furniture, a fixture perhaps or wall hangings.  Let’s see if we can inspire you today.

One Of my Favorite No Fuss Makeovers

Everyone thought I was crazy or just wired a different way as I love to change things up every so often.  I don’t mean dismantle the whole room moving furniture or painting a wall.  Nope, this idea makes life super easy and your room is completely ‘refreshed’ in just a short amount of time.  I never get tired of rearranging things or adding a little of this or that to the equation.

You will be surprised that you have more to work with than you thought or at least take stock and see what you could add for very little.  The whole idea here is to have some decor fun without breaking the plastic. (debit or credit card…but you knew that, right?)

If you have a bookshelf or mantle or even a sofa table this will work.  Clear the shelves first and dust everything off.

  •  if you have a few items you love in other areas of the house, go get those now…
  • change out an old photo group
  • Find things of the same color
  • don’t put books in one long row.  Place some vertical and some horizontal
  •  add a colorful bowl from the kitchen and put on top of the books or an old teacup and saucer
  • use a tray and gather a few items on it for impact ( no more than 3)

You may not have everything you need right away, but the ideas above will give you a comfortable start.  Just because something says it belongs in the kitchen doesn’t mean it has to stay there forever!  Colorful bowl or a vintage teacup and place that on your bookshelf.   This kind of fun can be endless if you can think outside the ‘box’.

Another Favorite

Do you have an old bookshelf that just doesn’t quite give you that ‘old vintage’ look you are after?  You could even do this with a wooden ladder if you have one in storage.  First up, you are going to clean the shelves of all dust or anything else if it is the ladder.

Second, if there is any varnish or finish anywhere this will not work without you sanding that and really giving it a roughing over.

Now, you are ready for paint.  And don’t worry if there is still some of the varnishes there…I did mine and it came out so sweet.  You will want to use a paint color that:

  1. reflects vintage or retro
  2. will fit into your room with no problem.

Usually, the lighter shades will do fine anywhere.  I am talking about a soft white, cream or very light grey…almost to a tea lite.

Bokshelf Decor tips
Creating that ‘Old’ look from any bookshelf

Let’s Do That Kids Room

Depending on the age of your child or children will, of course, depend on what you do for them.  Keeping it simple is always a good idea.  One thing that is REALLY important is to ask your child what THEY would like to see in their room.  This gives them a sense of pride as it is their room and they will be helping.  ( You might be surprised, this might even keep the clean up easier)

You can get creative in a number of ways but some good ideas are:

  • add there very own plant pot or crayon container
  • shelves
  • paint
  • bedding
  • paint an old bookshelf or dresser to match the room and add decorative knobs or handles
Decorating tips
Perfect for dresser door handles, or closet doors


You can find all kinds and colors to give that extra touch to any room.  For the easiest and quickest pick-me-ups for any room, do accessory only decor ideas.

Decor Tips for Home
Adding Old to New is easily incorporated

Even something as simple as adding something to a shelf or adding flowers or a plant pot in your dining room or entrance way can do it.  The Ideas are limitless.  All you need is your imagination and a few ideas to trigger that flow.  It can be as easy as simple and small changes to make any room brighter.  Try it and see how it feels.

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