Our Blog Roll

Our Blog Roll is produced with a ⇓keyboard and oh that wonderful ⇓coffee ♥ that keeps us rolling it out.  We hope to share interesting treasures and other stuff that might intrigue and be of interest to you.  Where possible we will share more ideas that relate to any of the products featured in the store, like different ways to use them.  

With that in mind, That Vintage Style is meant to be a more personal shopping experience and one you will be thrilled to share with your friends.  There are some pretty big stores that have turned to the Internet to create an online shopping experience for you and while we are not comparing those extra large apples it is our desire to create the same experience with a few more personal touches.  You can be sure if you leave a comment, ask a question or have a suggestion for a product you would like to have us find for you, we will do our best to accommodate you. 


Where we do our blog posts

On each post, we will have a comment section opened for you to get in touch or you can do that right from here.  Just fill out the comment box and let us know what we can be of help with.  You can be assured your email WILL NOT be shared with any other individuals or companies or any of your personal information should you leave any behind.


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