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Welcome to Our Blog Roll

Vintage Styles where Old Becomes New


The goal of writing our blog is simple and we hope enjoyable. Composed of content—somewhat engaging we hope that you can interact with should you choose to.

What you are reading now is an introduction to Vintage/Retro Style and so much more.  When you love everything Vintage/Retro and when you see something it becomes one of those instant love affairs you just have to have!  It can be a ‘look’ or a feeling… like this one…

when love is in the air and it is clearly a vintage/retro style


When a Thousand Words…

Imagine everything being this clear without one word spoken.  This one says vintage/retro style all on its own.  That is what we strive to accomplish for you today.

It can be as simple as this barefoot stroll in the park or it can be something you have searched for or one of those things you saw a long time ago and could never find again.

  • handbags
  • earrings
  • home decor
  • kitchen helpers that cry out vintage style
  • or those oversized aviator sunglasses!


Gift Ideas…We have those for You too…

A huge benefit here at that Vintage Style is we are only a short email away or you can hook up with us on our Facebook Page if you have a question or are in search of that ‘something’ you have been searching for.

We love to help when it comes to finding that perfect ‘something’ or the perfect gift for your bestie or sister or brother.  If you don’t see it, all you have to do is reach out.  We will do our best to get it to you.

Coffee is Always On

We sincerely do our best to offer only the best product quality and free shipping.  Always remember if you have specific dates that you need your items to arrive by that you order early!!  When the shipping is FREE ( and we all love free) it can take a bit longer to get to your front door.

Thanks for Visiting Today…come back soon!