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Vintage Style Homes & Their Curb Appeal

vintage style homesVintage Style Homes & That Curb Appeal

It is not as difficult as you might think to find some awesome vintage style homes with that curb appeal you love!  Pastel Colors and that vintage or retro ‘blue’ is important in your decor choices.  And, now with new looking and feeling old, not everything Has to be that Authentic OLD item.  Actually, Old is now what is New and very appealing and trending in pretty much all categories of vintage style homes and accessories.

Because of the ‘Old is New’ trend and the popularity finding what you want for your home or personal style can be pretty pricey.  Did you know it doesn’t have to be?  Nope!  If you are not in a panic to have it like yesterday then I might have a solution for you.  And with a FREE shipping bonus, it might be worth planning ahead.

When you are thinking of Vintage Style Homes what comes to mind first?  Usually the style of the home or one filled with ‘fall in love’ old pieces of furniture, pictures, dishes and so much more.  Well, you might find the real deal at an estate sale but it depends on where you live this might not happen very often if at all.

vintage style homesYou Can ReCreate the Look for Less than you think!

When it comes to Vintage, Retro or BoHo styles things can get expensive but they don’t have too.  Not anymore.  That Vintage Style has been created to help you find those quality items you are looking for without the giant price tags.

I think I found it hard to justify paying so much for items that I just simply fell in love with at first site.  The most dangerous place to take me is those amazing new plant shops that feature everything that resembles old or carriage house chic!  Along with those of course comes an enormous price tag.  The same applies to some of the second-hand venues in larger cities that often have access to the real goods.  Here it is justified if the condition of the item is immaculate.

For the sake of argument today we are talking about the ‘other’ venue and what looks old but is actually new.  If you have room to plan ahead or you are giving a gift then That Vintage Style is your place to look.  Browse the store, save to your wish list if you like but remember that the timeline is what is most important when saving you those dollars.

We can offer you free shipping in most cases or expedited delivery for a small fee.  Every item in our store has been handpicked and quality is a priority here.  If you have something specific in mind but don’t see it get in touch and we will gladly help you out if possible.

With a background in home staging and color, we hope to give you some great ideas as well.  Storage ideas for the laundry or kids rooms to that curb appeal you are after.  And if it is something of a more personal style, we have that for you as well.  From sunglasses that are so trendy to his and her jewelry pieces and wedding hair ideas, we have covered most everything.

Spring has Finally Arrived and Summer is Following

whether for curb appeal or not vintage style homes have it

With spring here and summer on the way, finally, we can breathe a sigh of relief and say goodbye to the cold temps that lasted too long everywhere!  But now is also the best time…actually the only time if you are thinking of a gift for Graduation or a Wedding that is coming up.

With the best prices we could offer, comes a time-delay so do not wait if you see something you know will be loved as a gift.  You do want the coveted title of Best Auntie or Uncle in the world for gift giving to don’t you or that Best Friend Love you will receive?   Good, then it is time to put the hustle in your fingertips as you go shopping.

Remember if you don’t see it, leave us a comment or get in touch via one of the contact forms on the site or send an email to   We love visitors to our new store and love feedback just as much.  Without you, we wouldn’t be here and without your feedback, we can’t improve our service and products.  So, thank you in advance.  Enjoy your shopping today and come back often.  The coffee is always on!