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That Vintage Retro Style Jewelry


Vintage Style Jewelry & Accessories


If there ever was this thing called personal style, it puts Jewelry and Handbags very high on the list.   These kinds of accessory items speak volumes about you and your personality.  Are you a ‘girly’girl’ loving all things pretty and pink or are you more the classic style?

                      Sweetness in Pink


Accessories not only do the job of accessorizing your clothing but will get you there in your own personal style.  We have some of everything… a girly girl with all things pink and cuddly, Sophisticated totes and messenger bags for the office and then some of the most fun phone cases we could find.

It is only one life and making it more fun is the best part of my job!


That Vintage Style strives to offer you the best prices to make your journey from Spring to Summer, Fall, and Winter.  Well made costume jewelry can be worth trying especially if they are trendy pieces or your mood changes often.  You can be sure you won’t feel Passe’ anytime soon.

Instead, you will be fashionable and you will be making a statement.  Bold Colors, Textures, Tassels, Crystals or glass beads that all have that retro feel with a modern appeal.  Here are a few examples of what you will see at That Vintage Style. 


when ever it comes to a fun time these boho earrings for women are it!





Shopping Made Easy!  Free Shipping and awesome Free Goodies Show Up Often…

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Vintage Handbags and Totes are very Personal

Vintage Handbags and Totes


What I have learned that is important is buying ‘the handbag’ is no singular feat!  Sleek curves that crave attention and those handpicked colors from Pink to Deep Shades of Purple the handbag is a ‘gotta-have’ essential.  How many is entirely up to you and your closet.

TIP***** For extra space in your closet use shower curtain rod hooks to hang your bags and clean up the floor space!  Works awesome.

Here is a sneak Peak at what you can find at That Vintage Style.  No more Just Black and White vintage handbags and totes 4 U!  And the best part?  It is a steal!  Well priced pieces to smooth your closet’s transitions.  vintage handbags and totes





    You want it.                                You Need it.                              Now Get It.